It seems that some enterprising criminals in LA have started to use rental ebikes to scan parking lots and do smash and grab style attacks and then use ebikes to make a quick escape. They seem to mostly be targeting large rental SUVs in tourist areas, as SUVs lack trunks to lock your valuables in. Ridesharing ebikes can be rented for as little as $1 an hour so as long as these criminals are able to make more than that through their criminal enterprises, it might be hard to stop. This article is why it is just incredibly stupid to use rental ebikes for your petty crimes, and also why ebikes also really make the ultimate urban getaway vehicles.



Being a victim of a smash and grab totally sucks. When I was in my early 20’s I drove across the country in my 1979 Volvo 240DL with 250,000 miles on it with my computer and a 20′ monitor in the back seat. I was really into doing 3D animation and had made a bunch of videos I was going to show people all across the US. Boy was I nieve when I was young. I didn’t have any money so I lived out of my car and ended up in Portland working at a bookstore that a friend of mine (a guy we called Bookman) who had recently moved across the country. He was a quirky guy himself who had an encyclopedic knowledge which he would often recite in monotone while hanging out on our couch in our apt in Ithaca. He got run out of Ithaca for living out of his bookstore and decided that Portland would be more amenable to his extreme eccentricity. I stayed with him for several weeks working all night long and on my last night there I was headed back to my Volvo when I saw a shopping cart next to my car and someone was carefully unloading the computer equipment in my car into the shopping cart. I yelled loudly at the man and started chasing him. I chased him for several blocks and almost caught up to him and then while cutting across someone’s wet lawn I slipped and fell. I had second thoughts about what I was going to do when I caught this guy so I just gave up the chase. I went back to load my $3000 worth of computer equipment back into the car and got pretty sad when I saw the broken side window. It’s interesting to think about what would have happened if he had been on an ebike.


Ebikes are a good getaway vehicle because they go much faster than a person can run. They also can go places that cars really can’t go easily like on sidewalks and across parks. This combination means that they can evade police much more easily than any other kind of vehicle. In several NYC boroughs, they are plagued bylocals on dirtbikes and ATV’swho show little regard for the laws. The police pretty much completely ignore them because for better or worse, they are just impossible to catch. Because they can go anywhere including sidewalks and parks they end up being more trouble than they are worth to catch.

两名男子抢了送货工人22个电动自行车在纽约市,退房本文I wrote that has lots of ideas to keep your ebike from getting stolen

为了租电动自行车,你必须有一个手机与某种支付系统和文件中的信用卡。一个电动自行车的任何租金可以很容易地通过系统追溯,因此,如果人们在使用这些租赁电动自行车犯好像他们将很容易获得通过“反向支付跟踪”抓到,如果他们使用自己的信用卡犯罪。他们可以使用手机,他们偷租自行车用,但大多数人现在锁定自己的手机和解锁的手机是超出了大多数小时间扣杀和抢贼的能力。不仅如此,大多数电动自行车共享程序要求你把信用卡解锁自行车,所以你就必须有以匿名激活电动自行车获得了偷来的信用卡。我已经有3台笔记本电脑被偷了,我的车的所有的人都被偷走了。笔记本电脑没有曾经被收回除一人外,我找到了自己通过Craigslist网站(这个家伙是卖它为$ 300)。结束了笔记本电脑得到保持被警方作为“证据”,即使它有一本书,我就是在写关于风筝。这令人沮丧,警方不会让步就可以了,甚至当我求他们。作为汽车盗窃的受害者是真的没有乐趣可言,可以毁掉你正在享受假期的任何。

Using rental ebikes to commit crimes is just 10 different kinds of stupid; cellphone payment tracked, GPS tracked, and the ebikes really stand out

If you’re a criminal or are considering a life of petty crime I can tell you that a lot of my friends growing up were petty criminals, I used to joke and tell everyone that I had “high friends in low places”. I can tell you in no uncertain terms that at best these people made about $5-10 an hour on average with their crimes and scams and most of them ended up in jail eventually. That $1000 laptop you stole from me? You’d be lucky to unload it for $300. Stealing bikes often leaves you in an awkward position of having to buy a charger so you can sell it without looking like a thief. The bad karma you collect by taking other people’s crap will eventually always catch up with you. It’s just the way that this universe works. Treat other people the way you want to be treated and you’ll find that the universe will pay you back in kind.