Revonte-One mid drive from Finland


This 250W mid -drive is advertising itself as having an innovative and patented “Constantly Variable Transmission/CVT”. Let’s take a look at what little information is available…


Revonte-ONE, from Finland

From left-to-right, Antero Jalkane, Iiro Peltola, and Otto Chrons.


The Revonte-ONE system impressed the Lavelle ebike company from the UK

Lavelle ebikes in the UK was impressed by the Revonte system, and they have contracted to use this clever mid-drive.

The Revonte-ONE system

虽然瑞士和奥地利允许在街上合法电动自行车(Dankeshoen!)壮观的500W,大多数欧洲ebikers的必须输入适度250W奋斗一起。I don’t know whether I should be disappointed or angry, but…I have taken dumps that used more than 250W of energy…(I already use 1500W every time I ride, and I plan to upgrade to 2500W because I am a degenerate power-hungry addict)

I do not approve of ebikers who drive recklessly at high-speeds and endanger pedestrians, but…if you want to replace a car with an ebike, and you are carrying a child along with two bags of groceries…how much power should you be allowed to have when you tackle a steep uphill on your ebike? (if you ride safely, the correct answer is 2500W…or more)

The Revonte-ONE mid-drive. two motors, one planetary gear-set.

If this was just another weak 250W Euro ebike, I wouldn’t waste my time writing about it. However, their claim of using a CVT is intriguing. I have emailed the company, and they claim the system is so unique, it was patentable. I haven’t found the patent yet, but I will keep looking…


What can we reasonably speculate about the Revonte CVT, from the small amount of information they have reluctantly revealed? They state that the heart of the CVT is a planetary gear-set. This is very believable, since planetaries are a compact and robust way to allow an electric motor to spin many times faster than the mid-drive output.

大多数电动马达设计有效率曲线的工作以及围绕3000-RPM,但是一台26英寸电动自行车的后轮在26 MPH行驶时它只有336-RPM的旋转。这将需要一个大致9:在RPM的电动机与所述车轮之间的1减少。行星齿轮组是实现这个坚固,紧凑和经济实惠的方式。

The Revonte system only allows a 250W input. In spite of that, they produce a respectable and impressive 90-Nm of output torque.

The Revonte-ONE mid drive

So…how do they accomplish having a “Constantly Variable Transmission”? I am a fan of mechanical devices, and I have seen crane transmissions that used two motors coupled by a planetary gear-set. One motor provided the best possible torque at the slower speeds, and the second motor provided a much higher speed when the crane needed to raise or lower the hook rapidly when it was un-loaded.

Revonte answered my emails but said they are not ready to reveal the details just yet. It is almost certain that the main motor drives the sun gear of the planetary gear-set (see the graphic above), so what does the secondary motor do? I believe it drives either the edge of the ring gear, or it drives they edge of the carrier plate that anchors the axles of the three planet-gears…either option would provide a variable output as it pertains to torque and speed.



I wish Revonte the best of luck. Providing 90-nM from only 250W is impressive, plus the variable transmission claim is intriguing. I want to know how they accomplished this, and I will post any discoveries here…

A beautiful pic of the Revonte-ONE


Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, February 2020

Grew up in Los Angeles California, US Navy submarine mechanic from 1977-81/SanDiego. Hydraulic mechanic in the 1980's/Los Angeles. Heavy equipment operator in the 1990's/traveled to various locations. Dump truck driver in the 2000's/SW Utah. Currently a water plant operator since 2010/NW Kansas


Imagine applying this tech to a 1000W mid drive motor.


  • Interesting article. For a Luna BBHSD in ‘hot rod’ mode what is the nM rating for comparison?

  • It'a就像普锐斯ECVT。这就像任何汽车的差速器唯一逆转。该normaly进入到车轮的输出轴作为输入轴从马达和输入轴被用于输出到车轮上。在不同的包,当然。运行在恒定速度的马达和改变另一个的转速可以对输出轴和高扭矩或高转速和更低的转矩低转速。或者你也可以为了实现是可能的maximul额定功率最大性能VARRY两者的转速。

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