Zukun develops a childs e-moto using 52V EGO lawn tool batteries

June 7, 2020




Lawn Tool Batteries?

I have written back in 2016 about how so many of thedevices in my life are now run by lithium batteries, and also in 2017 about how usingcordless tool batteries might be a useful option for powerboards and ebikes,但是......哪个品牌和类型?

已经有几个创意的例子(如Blair’s cruiser using three DeWalt 18V packs for 15S / 58V),但我们预测,EGO品牌将是保持你的眼睛上的电池。他们标榜为“56V”包,但他们都是从14节电池串联(14S),其ebikers都来称其为52V包装制成。


Below is a Bafang BBS02 1000W kit that is very well suited to the EGO packs, mounted to an Electra Townie, which is a comfort-posture frame that I like very much for a street commuter.

An Electra Townie with a BBS02 mid drive powered by a 56V EGO pack.

The Ego system has many different sizes of battery packs in this format from 2.0-Ah up to 7.5-Ah, and they have recently announced that they will soon produce a 10-Ah size. The cell in the 7.5-Ah pack is a Samsung 25R in a 3-in-parallel configuration (3P), and since they are known to peak at 20A each, the 7.5-Ah pack should be able to put out a short 60A peak without damage, and possibly as much as a 30A continuous rate (52V X 60A = 3100W)…Following this pattern, the upcoming 10-Ah pack “should be” capable of 80A peak / 40A continuous. These are a good fit for my favorite mid-drive, the Bafang BBSHD kit.

To make using cordless tool packs easier,the terrafirmatechnology.com adapter shown below can be found by clicking here.

所谓的泰丰资本技术的公司现正适配器各种无绳电动工具电池连接到一个简单的红色和黑色的电缆套件。显示的EGO适配器大约是$ 40,此时

EGO uses high-quality name-brand cells, and they have done four specific things to keep the cells as cool as possible, which is why the EGO packs should last much longer than the other brands.

  1. 每个细胞都有一个PCM套筒吸收热峰值. PCM is a “Phase Change Material“和All-Cellcompany is famous for inserting their cells into a large block of PCMto help manage battery heat. With this type of PCM, it doesn’t change from a solid to a liquid, it’s more like changing from a hard rubber to a soft rubber, when the cell gets hot. During that process, it can actually absorb a surprising amount of heat. The heat still has to be dissipated over time, but this simple addition limits the highest portion of the working cell temperature peaks.
  2. 消散由PCM套筒吸收的蓄热量的发言,these packs have an unusual shape that spreads the cells out,而不是在一个块聚拢起来。这有助于空气流通,这是下一个功能...空气风扇散热非常重要!
  3. 从EGO这些包是不是密封的,他们有渠道,使fans to blow air through the packswhen they are being used, and also when they are being charged.
  4. The last feature that helps these stay as cool as they can be…is their size. The EGO mower does have an UN-exciting 5.0-Ah pack available, but I opted for the 7.5-Ah, which is最大的无绳电动工具电池组我已经发现。7.5丫不仅是一个无绳包的最佳范围内,它的大小意味着每个个体细胞减少压力,并且将运行温度会比如果你从一个较小的包拉动相同安培。



I want to be clear that this prototype is not in production, so you can’t buy it just yet. It is achildrensemoto, and Zukun has advertised it for ages 6-12. I was surprised that it had a frame-mounted motor, because that makes the system more complex than a hubmotor. However, doing that also makes this model a much better performing ride, compared to using a hubmotor.

The 2019 Zero FX

If you are looking for an offroader for a 6-foot 2-inch adult, you may need to pay a significant price to get a Zero FX, which performs quite well (there is a small amount of adjustment to better fit slightly shorter riders).

Back in 2018, you could still buy a new Alta Redshift before they went out of business. The Alta was not a dual-purpose, it was a serious full-sized dirt bike, which has been compared to the 450cc class of racers. I am quite sad that they are no longer available, but the Zero company is still on solid ground.

The 2020 Sur-Ron 60V Light Bee

苏尔 - 罗恩线已经在美国非常成功,在过去的一年,由于它的高性能和实惠的价格。唯一授权经销商美国是南加州月神周期,他们往往都有销售与光蜜蜂模型销售不到3900 $。

The size of the Sur-Ron is well-suited to riders who are roughly 5-foot 10-inches in height (give or take), although, the rear shock mount and forks can be adjusted to fit slightly shorter riders.

2019年Kuberg Freerider

If the Zukun Z56 ever gets produced and retailed to the public, its closest competition would be one of the models from the Kuberg company. They make several sizes, and all of them are for riders that are “younger than an adult”, so one of them should match up fairly close. The freerider shown above is smaller and less powerful than the Sur-Ron, and slightly bigger than the Zukun Z56, but Kuberg does have smaller models than this.



Over the last few years, I have grown fond of battery systems that use 48V / 52V, because they can run an inverter during a temporary power outage. An inverter takes DC battery power, and converts it to 110V AC, so it can run household devices, such as the TV, your laptop computer, and the lights.

I already have two large 52V packs that I purchased from Luna Cycles, and if I ever buy a third pack, it would likely be先进的月神狼, due to the individual cell-fuses and the fact it is fully potted, which provides the greatest possible water and shock-resistance.

The EGO PST3040 Nexus Power Station

In the pic above, Ego has been producing a fairly expensive inverter that accepts up to four of the lawn mower battery packs. It can provide “up to” 3000W of power, depending on how many packs are attached, and which size of pack is used. That is enough power to run your refrigerator, which might draw as much as 1600W peak on start-up (and slightly less than 1000W to run).

这种微小的EGO PAD1500电源-PLUS变频逃生

就在最近,EGO开始零售价为大约$ 120一个很小的“方波”逆变器。它可以从一个单一的插座大致2A产生110V。它确实有让您的手机或平板电脑设备充电的两个USB端口。这是一个很好的发展,但我期待着中间这两个之间的事情。比小一个更强大,而是一个大便宜。

在美国,墙上插座的家电通常额定110V交流电为15A最大。这就增加了1650W,这也是为什么国内最大的微波可以买到通常是1500W。常见的7.5啊EGO包可以安全地处理52V 60A X作为一个临时的高峰期,所以,等于3120W。既然是放大器,影响最大的规模和逆变器的成本,1500W的大小逆变器将能够轻松地供电任何家庭设备(也许不是一台冰箱,但仍...)。7.5丫EGO包可以很容易地提供1650W的那家网点被评为了。



The Zukun Z56 is listed as having a 1,000W brushless motor, which puts it in the same class as the EGO mower, chainsaw, and snow-blower.

The Zukun Z56
The Zukun Z56

If you want to keep up to date on any developments with the Zukun Z56,you can find their website by clicking here.


Written by Ron/spinningmagnets, June 2020

在加利福尼亚州洛杉矶,从1977年至1981年/美国圣迭戈海军潜艇机械师长大。在1980年的液压技工/洛杉矶。重型设备操作员在1990年/前往不同地点。自卸车司机在2000年代/ SW犹他州。目前,由于2010 / NW堪萨斯州水厂运营商


  1. 我只是扣动了扳机本周我第一次电动自行车转换6个月的开/关的研究后,获得了我共患难的差事亚军的EGO 56V伏电池和八方BBS02(使用过,折20“自行车)。很高兴看到这篇文章中列出的好处,并希望上述异形原型只是EGO电源+平台上的许多未来的项目之一。

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