Custom Build Gallery, Matt’s 50-MPH Monster Yellow Trike

February 28, 2012

Matt Shumakeris well known in the DIY electric bike crowd over atEndless Spherefor making impressive bikes and electric drive assemblies. Lately he has turned his creative building talents to creating electric super trikes capable of great speeds, cornering, and amazingly efficient.

The motors he used in this creation are theAstro Flight3220 designed for high-end RC models. It is 92% efficient, weighs only 5 pounds, and can put out up to 15-HP each (11,000-Watts).

At low speeds, the yellow trike below is as efficient as almost any commercially available electric bike. This trike has dual astro 3220’s and will go zero to forty in4.5 seconds!. This particular trike weighs only 90-lbs, and was converted to a very quiet all-belt drive for the motor, instead of chain. It has whopping-huge 44V / 30-Ah battery pack made from Hobby-King LiPos that if you milk it gently, you could get a 35 mile range on this Trike.

The base frame he started with was originally aKMX Typhoon, and then he heavily modified it to his design. “…The frame was widened 5 inches, lengthened 3 inches, and lowered 3/4 inch. It will use 203mm Hope 4-piston hydraulic brakes…”

他选择了th 16寸的轮子和39毫米宽的边缘e fronts, and a 20-inch wheel with a 47mm wide rim for the rear, and for tires he usedMaxxis Hookworms. The rear tire is 1.95-inches wide.

Matt ended up selling this Trike for $7500 with a single motor (instead of dual like the build below). IF you are interested in building your own monster trike or bike, Matt sells small production drive units and motor systems and can be reached at Matt at He also sells fully built ready to roll custom systems like this one from time to time. Matt built the drive system for the FFR electric trike (now re-named Outrider-USA), a ready to roll solution that is very similar to the trike below.

看看下面的幻灯片的一个例子e of Matt’s recent builds…wave your mouse over the photo to get his description:

50mph Electric Trike

Matt Shumaker builds a 50mph electric trike using a giant Astro Flight 3220 RC Motor and lipo battery packs from hobby king

And the resulting youtube videos showing this epic electric trike in action:

Here is the original January 2010 build-thread:


Written by Eric, February, 2012

Eric has been involved in the electric bike industry since 2002 when he started a 6000 square foot brick and mortar Electric Bike store in downtown San Francisco. He is a true believer that small electric vehicles can change the way we operate and the way we think.


  1. Awesome machine man!!!

    • Completely pointless. Either pedal your trike, or buy a proper motorcycle.

      • Thanks to people like him we push the borders and new things and tech develops.
        I like what i see, sorry there is such limits in europe on ebikes.

      • yep, totally agree. I want to know how much energy does it save by pedaling going 50 mph?

        This would be nice to license and take on the highway.

        • after building a shell and lights and what not

      • Your comment is pointless, Id build that thing any day, is looks like a blast!

  2. what’s with the forth wheel? man that sucker can move. Do you have control to the speed?

    • There has to be a control to the speed, the motorbike is reaching a speed of 50 mph (80 km/h). As the article says this is a fast electric bike and there has to be a control to the speed. That’s other things with slower e-bikes. My e-bike goes up to 25 km/h and is street legal according the Swedish law. I haven’t got any control to the speed at all so I need to be fast before I start riding on uphills. The motor gives the maximal speed all the time, from 20 to 25 km/h depending on how good battery condition I get. The PAS (Pedal Assistent System) doesn’t allow to make the motor work on uphills before pedalling, you have to pedal before the motor works.

  3. dont quit, dont let those egg head get you down! stick to it. make the changes. I know it will work. increase the size of the magnets. w.m.s.

  4. great looking ride. i have built tapol trik, plans atomic zombie . ampe rear wheel speeds only 22 mpr need sum help.

  5. How long recharging time does the Trike need? I was reading this article and the only thing I found now was that it’s a 44 volt battery with a capacity of 30 Ah and that the range is 35 miles (56 kilometres).

    • Depending on the charger he uses, he can charge that trike in 1-3 hours. He uses 600 watt + chargers.

  6. Matt’s a personable guy
    who builds great high-end stuff. He let me drive the predecessor to this
    Monster and it was a blast. He’s very instructive and his numerous online documented
    builds have helped me (non-tech) on a few projects.

  7. how much cost this bike

    • how much does it cost by not wearing helmet let alone without no seat belt?!

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